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Seven Star Kung Fu Academy
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November Weight Loss Challenge!

Don't let the holidays get your diet and your waistline out of control. Join us for the November weight loss challenge. If you would like [...]

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Songs of Tibetan Hop Gar

standing in the center four corners surround every direction in the sphere the strikes of thunder come down the roar of the lion breaks through the [...]

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Sin Tien Wu Ji Classic

The Wisdom Fire Opens Seak Animals for Strength Combining is the Path Breath Like Wind - Endless in Length Spiritual Animals Bring Imbalance Sounds of [...]

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Fitness Kickboxing is Awesome!

Our Fitness Kickboxing classes are a blast! A mix of strength training, combat conditioning and bag drills. You will get in amazing shape and have fun [...]

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Tai Ji vs. Tai Ji Chuan

Taiji (太極) is a compound of tai 太 "great; grand; supreme; extreme; very; too" (a superlative variant of da 大 "big; large; great; very") and [...]

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World Class Martial Arts

“There is no secret…only practice.”

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